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Vertical high-performing autoclaves with automatic drying.

Dia of Sterilization chamber: The heavy-gauge sterilization chamber in a diameter of 40 cm offers a massiva space to satisfy various sterilization requirements.

Dia of Sterilization chamber: The heavy-gauge sterilization chamber in a diameter of 40 cm offers a massiva space to satisfy various sterilization requirements.
Microcomputer control system: “Inspiration” fast speed Microcomputer intelligent control system is highly robust to not only realize the total-process controls of sterilization, but also enable convenient maintenance, inquiry, calibration, recording and upward scalability in the future. It allows three tiers of administrations, i.e. user, user administrator and engineer, to guarantee satisfactory use and management of autoclave.
Waste sterilization Mode: dedicated waste sterilization procedures are established for effective sterilization of lab wastes.
Drying function: Thoroughly drying according to CE standards.
Cooling lock open temperature: Each procedure can set different cooling lock open temperatures according to the thermal inertia of the sterilization object so as to prevent the user from opening the cover and hence getting burnt when the sterilization object (particularly liquid object) is still in an unsafe state.
Sterilization Temperature: 105-138 °C


Mechanical interlocking: the unique “eight-column evenly distributed” interlocking device is safer and more reliable than common interlocking devices.
Electric double inner locks: enable the control system to monitor the temperature and pressure in the sterilization chamber on areal-time basis and disable opening of the sterilization chamber cover until the safe temperature and pressure are reached, hence guaranteeing the personal safety of the operator.
Six preset procedures: Six sterilization procedures and warming procedures are preset for the sterilizing, warming and drying of solids and liquids, the melting and warming of agars.
Agar processing: It can heat and melt down and preserve heat of agars or preheat the sterilization chamber.
Timed startup: It is possible to preset a time program so that the autoclave can be automatically started for sterilization according to the preset schedule.
Memory system: The operator can set the sterilization parameters and create as many as 60 precedures that can be readily used.
Steam discharge control: Upon completion of sterilization procedure, the vent valve can automatically open to discharge steams at the preset temperature.
Calibration interface: Temperature and pressure calibration interfaces are available for calibration purpose
Automatic water feeding: Exempt the convenience of frequent water feeding; water level sensors are installed to automatically stop the autoclave and giveout alarms when water is running out.
Staurated Steam Monitoring: The system can automatically monitor the discharge conditions of cold air so as to guarantee a sterilizing environment of pure steams and optimal sterilization effects.

Weight113 Kg
Max Power4600 W
Chamber materialSUS304
Chamber Dimension (Dia*H, mm)ф 400×700
Sterilization temperature105-138°C
Range of sterilization time1-300 minutes
Melting temperature60-100°C
Range of melting time1-9999 minutes
Warming temperature45-60°C
Preset range of drying time1-300 minutes
Exhausting modeFully automatic internal discharging Embedded with a steam trapping bottle
Way of opening lidflip type
Preset range of timer0 minute - 6 days delayed
Rated working pressure0.27 MPa
Controller"inspiration" fast-speed microcomputer intelligent control system

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