How Falc Instruments responds to Covid-19 pandemic:

As manufacturer of laboratory equipment, we are proud to support healthcare structures providing all necessary products to find valued therapes and vaccines. We are doing all our best to grant our capability and knowhow to our custemers in beeing usefull in this complicated moment. Thanks to our suppliers, customers, forwarders and Falc’s team, we can be prompt and reliable to give our help. Of course the outbreak will last some months but, implementing safety guidalance, we will be able to meet most needs and give our support.

Which actions Falc Instruments is taking:

  • Smart working: we are adopting this kind of working in order to avoid many people are in the offices.
  • High turnover of staff: people are working on alternating shifts. They can’t meet and spend time in the same area.
  • Working posts management: each person has its working place far from other ones more than 1 meter.
  • Logistic: colleagues of warehouse are using safety devices to deliver and pick up packs, and when possible forwarders stay on the van in order not to meet one and another face to face.
  • Videocall with customers and supplier.
  • Webinar for After-sales and Technical Support.
  • Temperature checking for all people coming in.
  • Disinfection of working posts and communal areas.
  • Access restrictions to not authorized people.

We hope everything will go back as usual, or why not, better than before. Meanwhile stay safe and observe the rules!

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